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Combined, we have 229 children and 59 grandchildren.

12 of us served in the U.S. Armed Forces for a combined total of 143 years, including 1 still on active duty.

55 of us spent a combined total of 183 years earning 13 Associates, 40 Bachelors, 11 Masters and 3 Doctorate degrees.

Our most-traveled? One of us has visited 51 U.S. States or Territories, and another has visited 25 foreign countries.

5 of us have birthdays this month, and 3 of us have birthdays in October.

Currently, 6 of us are retired.

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In Memory of John Houck

Then and Now

Class of 1984
Courtland High School

        John Row Houck, 42, died unexpectedly Friday, March 14, 2008, at his parents' residence at Fairview Beach.

He was born March 1, 1966, in Fredericksburg, the son of John Rolf and Ann Marie Kidwell Houck.

A 1984 graduate of Courtland High School, he was self-employed as J.R. Houck Heating and Cooling Service before his illness.

Besides his parents, he is survived by a daughter, Mariah Ann Houck, and a brother, Judd Bailey Houck, both of Spotsylvania County and Fairview Beach; and a nephew, Ethan Thomas Cook of Stafford County. Also surviving are three uncles, Donald K. Houck of Spotsylvania, Homer Eugene Kidwell and his wife, Sandra, of Culpeper, and R. Dean Kidwell of Fairfax; and 10 first cousins.

He was preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Homer R. and Thelma Bailey Kidwell of Fairfax; and his paternal grandparents, Rolf H. Houck of Fairview Beach and Margaret Row Houck of Spotsylvania.

Nash & Slaw Funeral Home, King George, handled the arrangements, which were private.

 Posted By: Cheryl Wilson Smorto Date: June 18, 2009 
    Suzanne Broughton Gracik was kind enough to provide the link to John's obituary:


 Posted By: Barbara "Babs" Little Branham Date: October 18, 2009 
    The following “Memorial Tribute to the Fallen Classmates of Courtland’s Class of 1984” was read by Alumnus Charles Anderson, during our Reunion & Dance on Saturday evening, October 17, 2009:


When we graduated in 1984; Life lay before us, there was so much to do; The world was ours to conquer and to explore, that summer evening when we left Courtland’s door.

There were jobs to be found, the military to serve & further education to be had; Followed by someday becoming proud Moms & Dads. Some chose to travel many miles away; And for others, this was the perfect place to stay.

Some may have accomplished most things they had planned; While in other lives, not everything went as they had planned. For some, there were many changes to be made; Including some adjustments along life’s way.

But no matter what, as we gather once more; I will always be proud to be in Courtland’s Class of ’84.

As we renew old acquaintances and reminisce about things we used to do; We will learn the Class of ’84 is sadly, short by a few…

Some classmates have departed this life along the way; And are absent from our 25-Year Gathering here today. Now as their names are read; We will remember things they once did or said. And their faces will become vivid once more; Though they haven’t come through the door…

So let us live our lives; Mindful of the things we say and do; For the next classmate missing may be me or you…


At this time, please join me in observing a moment of silence for our Fallen Classmates:

• Faith Betts • Wendi Borders • Stacy Foster • Michael Harmon • John Houck • Dawn Long • Rex Minor • Sherry Robinson • And our fallen Principal, Mr. Robert P. Woods

“We honor you because we were classmates, and we miss you because we were friends…”

If you have not already done so, please take the opportunity to visit our Memorial Table honoring our fallen classmates and Mr. Woods.

Thank you.

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